Petabis™ Organics CBD Immune Nutri Shaker


Our CBD IMMUNE SUPPORT NUTRI SHAKERS contain CBD hemp oil as well as adaptogenic herbs, a specialized class of plants and marine constituents that are able to help identify dysfunction and imbalance in your dog and then work to nutritionally and phytochemically restore balance in all body systems.

Our adaptogen herbs have also been studied for their ability to signal and mimic nutritional cannabinoids, potentially offering layered therapeutic benefits to be derived from CBD.

When combined, CBD hemp oil and adaptogen herbs may help deliver premium nutrition and a natural therapeutic edge that other treats simply can’t deliver.

Available in standard 1.5 mg CBD Nutri Shakers.

Suggested Dosing by Weight:

Up to 24 pounds: 3-6 shakes daily

25-50 pounds: 1 tsp. daily

51-75 pounds: 1.5 tsp daily

76+ pounds: 2 tsp. daily

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